Sunday, May 22, 2016

Catch a Wave to Summer!

Am I the only one counting down the days to summer vacation? (four weeks, three days...) In an effort to keep my head in the zone and continue to give my 100% for the remaining four weeks (and three days!), I decided to make some summer themed activities I can contribute to my classroom.  So let's hang ten and Catch a Wave to Summer!

Recently I've been working on grade specific summer and end of year work, but the more I look at my kiddos, the more I see they are all on their own individualized levels. Why not work on making activities that can vary for the different skill sets in my classroom?  Personally, I think it's best for preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade, but ultimately, if it's your student's level, go for it!

Now- how adorable are these popsicles?! I may or may not have asked my fiancé to bring me a grape popsicle after making this activity. Yum!

Activities are varied through literacy and mathematics and are very hands on! Take a peek below!

You can see the entire product here in my TPT store!

Keep your head in the clouds!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sea You in First Grade!

Sea You in Kindergarten was such a great hit, by popular demand, I just had to bring you Sea You in First Grade!

You can download it here.

See You in First Grade is intended to be a summer packet for students exiting Kindergarten and getting ready for First Grade. It could also be used as great review for the end of Kindergarten or even as baseline data for the start of First Grade!

Check out some samples below and see if it looks like something you'd want to check out!

You can download it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Keep your head in the clouds! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shine in Kindergarten! {freebie}

Okay friends, I can't help myself. I am loving the Kindergarten readiness skills in my Sea You in Kindergarten bundle, that I cannot help but share parts of it with you FOR FREE!

Check out Shine in Kindergarten!

You'll get the parent letter and Kindergarten Readiness Skill List FOR FREE!

Download them here!

And remember, if you like those, you'll LOVE the complete packet!

Download it here!

Keep your head in the clouds!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Summer On My Mind

With the cool air, and misty skies, it's hard to believe we are only 7 weeks away from the last day of school! Of course, it may not feel like summer is right around the corner, but sunny beach days are on my mind nonetheless! That's why I decided to start working on my summer packets for my students! 

Check out the details below!

I am trying to get my preschool kiddos ready for Kindergarten and to maintain their skills we've worked so hard on this year! Not only does it include skill practice, but parent resources as well! 

These are two of my favorite parent resources below:

How cute is this Shine Bright checklist?

The packet has everything from fine motor practice, to math skills, to literacy skills!
Check out some of the fun!

You can download the entire packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store here!

Keep your head in the clouds!