Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes Companion Pack!

My mind has just been swirling with ideas for the first day (week.. month..) back to school! I have to admit, everyone's favorite groovy cat is the heart of my first month back to school ideas right now!

Have you read Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes with your class yet?
It's an adorable, fun introduction to colors (and resiliency! Social skill bonus!)

I cannot wait to share all my grandiose ideas for incorporating Pete into my opening day activities!
In the mean time, you'll have to check out this companion pack for the adorable I Love My White Shoes!

Check it out here!

It comes with a ton of student centered activities for practicing color recognition. Check out this recording sheet below!
This bundle includes food cards to post around the room like Write the Room- only this time, students are practicing color recognition and coloring the matching sneaker. I can't wait to show you some pictures of it in action once school gets started.

Similar in nature, the bundle also includes a create your own food die. Students LOVE rolling the die, and coloring the appropriate shoe in a playful game with a partner!

How great is this sequencing sheet? Simple cutting skills necessary and also includes color recognition. Great story retell activity for students to access their knowledge from a read aloud.

Can your students recognize the food, label its color, then create a pattern? I love this extension for my higher level thinkers.

However, my favorite part of this bundle is hands down the class book! Each sheet comes in black and white coloring book style as well as with colored graphics! There are different choices for pages as well. Plus, inside the download is a starter page and closing page as well as a family comment page to take turns sending home the book! Take a peek below!

Remember- you can download the entire bundle here!

What are some of your go to read alouds for the start of the year?

Keep your head in the clouds!

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  1. I've been looking for this bundle and cannot find it. Its not on you TPT site. please help you can email me at brittany.buxton@ymcacolumbus.org