Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thinking Ahead: Open House!

Open House. Back to School Night. Meet the Teacher. No matter what you call it, bringing in families of students can be a bit nerve wracking! All those extra eyes scoping out the room. You want to make sure you've dotted all i's and crossed all t's. Well you're in luck! I've made a bunch of resources to make your Open House night a success (and adorable, if I might add!)

And so, I bring you.. Cooking Up A Great Year!
Adorable AND Editable! Can you believe it?
Comes in three variations: Back to School Night, Open House, and Meet the Teacher.

There's even this adorable Student Activity to have on display:

And get this- first five people to retweet me will get this whole set FOR FREE! Retweet and follow my blog and you've got yourself an automatic free pack, regardless of which number retweet you are! Happy tweeting!
Chirp, chirp!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's a Numberpalooza! Early Number Activities

Hello Friends! It's hard to believe we are approaching mid-August. Can you believe it? I cannot get into my classroom for another few weeks, so I've been keeping busy making some Math Centers that I think you'll love!

These stations are filled with number writing games, number identification and recognition, some early addition skills, and number words. Take a look:

Did I mention they are each themed? School themed! Apple themed! School Bus themed! Fall and Autumn themed! Perfect for back to school in PreK, Kindergarten and First! Once I get back in the classroom I'll snap some pictures of the centers in action and share them out.

Enjoy the numberpalooza! And remember..
Keep your head in the clouds!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Days in First Grade

After two years teaching second grade in inner city Boston and two years teaching Kindergarten in the suburbs outside of Boston, I have finally decided to head back to my hometown of Hamilton, New Jersey. It is only fitting that I will be teaching first grade- right smack in the middle of my experience! Should be a perfect fit!

In celebration and excitement of the upcoming month of first grade preparation, I've created an adorable, yet fun "firsts" themed activity pack. It's perfect for the first day or first week of school. Yahoo!

Check it out at my TPT store! Click the picture below to take you there.

First Days in First Grade

It has First Self Portrait, First Story Reader's Response, First Number in a Series, First Sounds, Ordinal Vocabulary and a Writing Prompt. Check out a sneak peek below:

Enjoy! Keep on checking back- there is more to come here AND on my TPT store. We've got a fresh new look coming to the blog and some fun, beginning of the year number activities!

Keep your head in the clouds!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blondie Got a Blog!

The day has happened.. I have succumbed to the world of blogging! After the past few years of reading blogs, pinning blogs, and creating my own ideas for blogs, it's time my classroom made it's debut on the blogging scene.

So Welcome to A Classroom on Cloud Nine! I am thrilled to begin my new journey this school year with all of you. In celebration, let me share with you a simple Back to School freebie- perfect for a Kindergarten or First Grade setting. Click on the picture below to purchase from my TPT store.

 Back to School Bundle

This is only the beginning friends!

Keep your head in the clouds!
-Dianne Bacsik